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Download Video Star APK V 1.0.6
Download Video Star APK for android by clicking the button below and start your journey as a video editor.

Create stunning videos and share them with your friends and fans to get tons of likes and engagement on social platforms
video star apk downloader
If you love making videos and have tons of creative ideas to create amazing content, but lack video editing skills Video Star is the only video editing app you need. As their tagline says ‘There’s no other app like it’ Though the official Video Star app isn’t available for android users, many similar apps were created with almost the same features as the original app.

What is Video Star
Video Star is one of the finest video editing apps in the Apple App Store. Using the app, you can shoot videos, apply effects, and add music in the background.

Besides the built-in effects, the app allows you to save your applied effects for later use.
You can share your presets with the community as well via the QR codes feature, where you can export your preset for others to scan and get your settings.

Video Star QR Codes
Presets For Video Star Transitions & Effects
If you are just getting started with Video Star and finding it difficult to go through all editing windows, try these QR Codes for Video Star to get preset settings to get desired results. video star for android

Latest Video Star QR Codes
Use a Video Star QR Code from a curated list of QR codes from creators around the globe. These codes allow editors to access other creators’ settings to develop more advanced effects on their videos without going through tons of editing windows by simply importing these QR codes in Video Star App.

Here are the latest Video Star QR Codes :

How to use QR Codes in Video Star
In Video Star, QR Codes are pretty simple to use. You can either use your own QR Code you have created earlier to save your settings or you can use the above-mentioned QR codes to apply effects to your edit window.

The steps below explain how to import the QR code:

Open your video clip in Video Star app. You can apply QR codes in one of the following windows: Transform, Multi-Layer or Re-Effect
Tap QR Code icon on top of the window, besides Cancel button, and select Import.
You will be alerted that applying QR code will erase your existing settings; select Yes.
Find your QR Code in your photo album and after confirming you can see effects applied to your video clip.
A great feature of importing QR codes is that you can also change the settings, e.g. if the effect you applied is good but the colors are too intense, you can simply alter the colors in the color settings
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